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Alexinomia / the Name - Syndrome

I can`t say the name!

"I cannot address people by their names, I feel embarrassed and blush when I try to, it feels like it's too intimate to say the name or as if I would´nt have the right to. I just say "you" to get someone´s attention and avoid having to speak out the name. "
Do you feel the same way? Then you are not alone with it! It is a hitherto unknown but not uncommon phenomenon, this inhibition, to address other people by name.
I explore the practical and theoretical aspects of this hitherto neglected topic and am currently working on a book about this phenomenon. If you also feel uncomfortable saying people´s names and are interested in supporting my reasearch for my book I friendly invite you to do my questionnaire and send it to me via e-mail!

My article about the name - syndrome was published 2019 in the journal: Beiträge zur Namenforschung! 


Abstract: This psycho-onomastic article deals with the inhibition of addressing a person with their name – a topic which has not been discussed before. It is based on a psychotherapeutical study, where internet forums dealing with issues such as ‘shyness’ or ‘social anxiety’ are studied. The phenomenon will be referred to as ‘Namenssyndrom’. It is the aim of this article to document and explain the aforementioned inhibition for the very first time. The topic is reflected on and linked with relevant aspects of psychotherapy and philosophy on the basis of a case study, internet posts and the author’s personal expierence with people affected.

If you would like to share your experience with others who know that phenomenon I friendly invite you to join my facebook group!

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